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Plush vs. Firm Pillows: What are the Differences?

Shopping for bed pillows can be overwhelming; what seems like a simple task has become more complicated with the increasing variety of bed pillow options available. Let’s look at the difference between plush and firm pillows to help you get started.

5 Healthy Sleep Habits for a More Restful Sleep

Whether you agree or not, your sleep habits make your lifestyle better. Every person needs adequate rest in order to feel fresh and full of energy. Falling asleep, however, is not easy for every person. Some people struggle to fall asleep, and hence, they feel lethargic, weak and sleep deprived. Developing a regular schedule for […]

Get the Best Sleep of Your Life with Calgary’s Newest Mattress Store

Are you getting drowsy midway through your day and not knowing how to solve this problem? You’d be surprised just how many people are having the same problem as you. One thing we recommend doing is seeing our sleep experts at Dreamology Mattresses to see if they can help you with a mattress in Calgary […]