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5 Questions to Ask a Mattress Company

When it comes to buying a new mattress in Calgary, the more information you can get from the mattress company, the better off you will be when finding a mattress that you love. This is where asking the right questions pays off.

The 5 Key Questions To Ask Your Calgary Mattress Store

1) What is the material of the mattress?
It is always a good idea to know what your mattress is made of, so you know what you are sleeping on and if it is right for you. The more information you have on your mattress, the more helpful it will be in deciding what works for you – and understanding the materials of a bed is part of that process.


2) Can it be customized?

Depending on the brand and the mattress that you are interested in, you can sometimes get it customized to your liking (in terms of size, color, material and design). To make sure that you can get it made in your design, ask the Calgary mattress company if they can customize it.


3) What is the return policy?

Yes, the mattress might feel awesome when you lie on it in the Calgary mattress store, but will it feel the same when it’s in your home? You should always ask the company if they have a return policy and the finer details. You might end up having to return it at some point because it doesn’t feel right.


4) How is the temperature with the mattress?

Depending on the material of your bed, you might notice that the temperature changes – making it uncomfortable for you to sleep. Asking the mattress company about the temperature of the bed will give you some idea on whether or not you can handle the heat.


5) What about motion separation?

If you are sleeping with a partner in your bed, ‘motion’ separation’ is one of those critical things that you have to know. It refers to the motion that your partner makes while sleeping and if it affects you. High-quality beds have motion separation meaning that you won’t feel anything if your partner moves throughout the night.

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