Are Mattresses Vegan?

As we strive to become more environmentally friendly and lower our carbon footprint, many of us are turning to veganism. But living a vegan lifestyle is more than simply altering our eating habits. In fact, common purchases now require a little more investigation to see whether the materials of which they’re made out of are vegan.

So when it comes to mattresses, do you have the option of selecting a vegan one? Let’s explore whether mattress stores in Calgary offer vegan mattresses.

Exploring Whether Mattresses Can Be Vegan

Defining Veganism in Mattresses

Our first instinct may be to assume that all mattresses are vegan. After all, no meat or cheese comprises the mattress. However, other animal products can be used to create the type of mattress that you are familiar with.

Wool, feather, and casein (a milk-based substance) have historically been used to add to the comfort and appearance of the mattress. Fortunately, wool can be switched out with cotton or hemp to make the exterior layers of the mattress softer. Meanwhile, due to allergens, feathers have become less popular when it comes to filling.

As well, veganism opposes the use of animals to test out chemicals. However, some countries legally mandate that some consumer goods are tested on animals, regardless of individual companies’ policies. Therefore, if a company that claims to be against animal testing sells their products in a country that requires testing on consumer goods, the mattress cannot be considered vegan.

As a note, vegan products do not need to be organic or free of chemicals. Therefore, materials such as latex can be used in vegan mattresses.

Mattress Companies

Finding Vegan Mattresses

Fortunately, there are a few mattress companies that specialize in vegan mattresses, allowing you to feel comfortable, both about the ethics of your purchase and in your sleep. Such mattress companies include Naturepedic, Avocado Mattress, PlushBeds, and Brentwood Home. Some of these brands, such as Naturepedic, can even be found in mattress stores in Calgary, allowing you to test out the mattress in person.

So when it comes time to buy a new mattress, consider getting one that will benefit both you and the environment!

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