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Get a Better Night’s Sleep with a Cooling Gel Mattress

Everyone has had nights when they just could not get comfortable. The problems start when every night is a battle to get in the right position to be able to sleep. Do you wake up stiff and sore? Are you always tired and find it hard to stay awake in the afternoon? There are several reasons this can be happening, but one of the most common causes is your mattress. Switching to a cooling gel mattress can help you sleep better.

A Gel Mattress Reduces Allergens

Nasal and other allergies are typically worse at night. Of course when you can’t breathe it is difficult to sleep. This can be attributed to your mattress as well. Conventional mattresses are made with synthetic materials. These materials can trap moisture from body heat and perspiration. Gel mattresses dissipate heat so the mildew, mold, and dust mites have nowhere to grow and you can breathe easier.

Gel Helps to Regulate Body Temperature

If you wake several times a night because you are too hot, your mattress can be the culprit. This results in lost sleep and you are tired the next day. A gel mattress can help to lower body temperature keeping you from getting too hot so you stay asleep and rest.

Get a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Shopping for a gel mattress is easy when you visit a quality mattress store. Choose a mattress store that offers a quality and comfort guarantee. That way, you can try the mattress to make sure it meets your comfort needs.

Visit Dreamology Sleep Shop to find the right gel mattress for you.


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