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How to Choose a Mattress in Calgary

Choosing your Calgary mattresses is a fun event that you should look forward to completing. Yes, it might seem like you are spending a bunch of money, but the typical tropes do still apply. What are those tropes, you ask? Well, typically, the first one is about how you spend a third of your life asleep. At an average of 8 hours sleeping per day, it isn’t hard to see why this statement is so pervasive.

Similarly, another one of the tropes that gets thrown around is about how Calgary mattresses last for approximately ten years. This trope stands up well to scrutiny and reinforces the idea that your mattress shopping experience should be enjoyable. However, if you are unsure about choosing the right mattress, read on for some of our favourite tips. 

Calgary Mattress Considerations


With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that finances are probably top of mind for many people. However, shopping for a mattress doesn’t require opulence and splurge spending. In fact, a good rule-of-thumb is to keep your purchase around $1,000. Indeed, you may find more expensive options, but mattress quality is not dependent on price like other industries. 

Therefore, the price is reasonably moderate. However, if you are looking for a king or California king-sized bed, consider raising your budget by $500 or so. Additionally, you don’t want to spend too little money, so disregard most Calgary mattresses under $500, unless they are at a steep discount from their standard price. 

Sleeping Position

For some people, the most important part of their mattress is the feeling. Usually, you can ascribe certain mattress traits with the position of the sleeper, and the results are generally favourable. As an example, side sleepers require soft to medium firmness and benefit from a soft foam material or innerspring. Back and stomach sleepers have different requirements, however.

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For back sleepers, they are the “just right” of the three bears. Medium to firm is the best firmness for them, and almost any material or style of mattress will bring them comfort. Conversely, stomach sleepers need firm or firmer mattresses. Typically, dense innerspring or air-filled mattresses are suitable for their optimum sleep patterns. 

Mattress Material

Finally, the mattress material is your last consideration. Each type of mattress has its own fair share of pros and cons. For example, memory foam is excellent for support and that “hugging” feeling. Latex brings bounce and cooler temperatures to the table, and coil mattresses are fantastic for support, comfort, and strong edge support.  

However, mattress material is a bit tricky. For most people, it becomes a matter of personal preference. This information means that the best method for you to find the perfect match is through trial-and-error.

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