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How to Decide to Professionally Clean Your Mattress

Many people are wary of using a mattress cleaning service because they don’t want to spend money on something that might not get their mattresses clean. Because it’s not always apparent if the cleaner has done an excellent job, many people rely on tricks used by professionals to determine whether or not their mattress was cleaned properly.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not you should call for professional mattress cleaning services, here are some tricks that will help you figure out what’s going on with your mattress.

Three Ways to Determine if You Need to Professionally Clean Your Mattress 

1) The Spoon Test

The spoon test is one of the easiest ways for anyone to tell if their mattress has been professionally cleaned. All you need is a bowl full of water and three spoons-one that hasn’t been touched in the water, one that’s been soaked in the water and has slid down slightly, and another that’s completely submerged and touching the bottom of the bowl.

Lean over your mattress with a flashlight under your chin or by shining a cell phone light on your mattress. Use your free hand to hold the short spoon out at eye level. Look for two things: streaks of debris coming off onto the spoon as you pull it away from where it’s touching your mattress and any moist spots left behind when you pull away from the wet spoon. If there are no streaks or moist areas, then you don’t have much to worry about-your mattress is likely to clean. But if there is debris stuck to either spoon, this means something has been missed and needs to be addressed.

If there are streaks of debris on the wet spoon, it means that there’s something still on your mattress that needs to be cleaned off. You can try re-cleaning these areas yourself or call for professional cleaning services. If you decide to do the cleaning yourself, remember not to use too much water when rinsing off any residue, so you don’t damage your mattress. It might also help to “wash” the area with some baking soda and a bit of liquid soap before handing it over to a professional cleaner.

2) The Glove Test

As with the spoon test, this test helps determine whether or not your mattress has been sanitized adequately during treatment with special chemicals by Mattress Cleaning. While the spoon test is relatively easy and requires no additional tools, this requires a pair of rubber gloves.

Slip on the rubber gloves and squeeze some of if not all of the hand sanitizer gel into your left hand or glove. Then rub your hands together over the surface you want to examine. If the gel turns white, it means there’s still dirt and debris on that area of the mattress that needs to be treated again before any further cleaning can take place. You can also use a toothbrush or another small brush to help break up these deposits before giving them another scrub with more special chemicals and water for optimum effect.


3) The Lid Test

This last test uses something you probably already have in your home – a Tupperware-style lid.

Once again, you’ll need to clean your mattress with hand sanitizer gel and water first. Then put the plastic lid on top of the spot that seems to be attracting dirt or dust, which should help pick up any debris that’s left behind or might have been missed by a commercial cleaner. The next step is to examine the underside of the Tupperware lid-if there are no bits of lint, hair, or other gritty materials stuck there, you can safely assume your mattress has been cleaned. If there are bits of debris sticking to the underside of the lid, it means that you should either try re-cleaning or call for professional services before anything gets worse.

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