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How to Find the Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

With all three of the sleep positions, there are better and worse mattresses to make the experience enjoyable and refreshing. Today we look at back-sleepers and what kind of Calgary mattresses they should consider using for maximum comfort and restful sleep.

Factors for Back Sleepers to Consider


Much like The Princess & The Peach, firmness will have a different threshold for everyone. Some people like to have a very comfy and soft sleep, while others prefer the rigid support of mattresses that resemble stone. A medium to firm mattress is recommended for back sleepers, as it will provide ample back support. Still, you are the best judge of your comfort when it comes to Calgary mattresses.

Mattress Type

Generally, back sleepers prefer a foam or memory foam mattress. There are fewer issues with the longevity of these mattresses, and that feeling of “body-hugging” can be quite inviting. However, if you have always had a spring-style mattress, the transition might not seem worth it. Consider speaking with a mattress associate to find the best type of mattress for your unique needs. 

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Cooling Mattresses

Finally, consider cooling mattresses for the back sleeper in your life. These mattresses’ design and technology allow them to keep people cool throughout the night, leading to better sleep with fewer interruptions. Plus, they still provide great support for your spine and neck. With their unique materials designed to wick away sweat and keep you cool, back sleepers can find many advantages in these particular mattresses.

Start Down the Road to Better Sleep Today

If you struggle with getting restful sleep or you just want a better mattress, Dreamology is your preferred destination. We have helpful staff that can offer suggestions and personalized advice. Our selection of mattresses is fantastic and includes all of this year’s top models. 

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