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How To Get Rid Of Your Old Mattress

You spent time trying out mattresses at the store, weighing the pros and cons, and finally making a decision. But now that you have the ideal mattress on its way, you face one final hurdle before relaxing blissfully into a good night’s sleep: what to do with the old mattress. Thankfully, there are a number of options available. 

Here’s how to get rid of an old mattress in Calgary.

Donate your Mattress

If your old mattress is still usable, you can often donate it to a thrift store or charity organization. Some of them can even pick up the Calgary mattress for you.

Sell the Mattress in Calgary

You can also sell used mattresses through the local newspaper or online. You probably won’t make much money, but you can specify that the person must pick up the item.

Recycle Old Mattresses

Some areas have mattress recyclers, so check to see if this service is available in your area. If so, it’s a great option for mattresses in poor condition.

Ask about Mattress Pick Up at a Mattress Store in Calgary

When you purchase your new mattress, ask the Calgary mattress store if they offer a pick up service. Many mattress stores will remove your old mattress when they deliver a new one. This service may be free or may involve a fee, so ask for details at your Calgary mattress store.

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Schedule a Large-Item Pick Up

If you can’t get rid of your mattress any other way, don’t simply put it out at the curb on trash day. Mattresses are usually too large for a regular pick up. Instead, you’ll need to contact your trash service and schedule a large-item pick up.

Get ready for the arrival of your new Calgary mattress by getting rid of the old one, and enjoy a restful sleep.

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