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How to Help Your New Calgary Mattress Last Longer

If you’ve recently purchased a new mattress, you’re probably wondering how to make it last as long as possible. A little care and maintenance can help your mattress stay in good shape, so here’s how to help your new Calgary mattress last longer.

Provide Proper Support from a Mattress Store Calgary

The right support for a mattress helps prevent early wear and preserve the materials. Proper support varies by mattress, so check with the Calgary mattress store where you purchased yours to find out what is the right kind of support for your mattress.

Use a Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors do just that: they protect your mattress from damage and wear and help reduce allergen buildup. Mattress companies offer great mattress protector options, so get one and use it from the beginning.

Rotate Your Mattress Calgary

Rotating your mattress helps promote more even wear and avoid the development of depressions and soft spots. Rotate your Calgary mattress  from head to foot every two to six months.

Don’t Jump on the Bed

When you’re hard on your mattress, it breaks down more quickly. Avoid rough wear and reserve your bed for sleeping and night time activities.

Move Your Mattress Carefully

Moving can be hard on a mattress, so take care to protect yours during a move. Encase it in plastic and keep it upright and flat. Mattress companies can offer additional tips for moving a mattress.

Follow Mattress Companies’ Directions for Cleaning

Regular cleaning is important for all types of mattresses. Manufacturers often include cleaning directions, so follow their recommendations for your new mattress. Regular vacuuming with a hose attachment every one to three months is a good idea. Spot-treat stains as quickly as possible.

You’ve found a great mattress at a Calgary mattress store, so use these tips to help it last as long as possible.

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