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NW Mattress Store: What Are The Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress?

Many people wonder about the buzz around memory foam and why they should consider this the best mattress and buy it. If you were to learn what a memory foam mattress was made of, it’d be made out of polyurethane foam, which they first created in the 1960s by NASA. This type of mattress at a NW mattress store has become known for helping people to relieve their pressure points.

Benefit #1: Pressure Point Relief

The biggest benefit comes from how it relieves your pressure points. The memory foam will conform to your body. This especially becomes helpful for those individuals who sleep on their sides.

Benefit #2: Less Expensive

When you visit mattress companies, one of the things that you will learn comes from the fact that memory foam doesn’t cost as much as the traditional organic mattress.

Benefit #3: Get Back and Spine Alignment

Each part of the body will get supported evenly and individually. With this system, you can spread your weight across the surface of the bed. Typically, with other materials like springs, the weight gets concentrated to specific areas of the bed, and this can lead to misalignment and the spine and back pain.

Benefit #4: Relieve Pain and Prevent It

When you walk into a Calgary NW mattress store, you will experience pressure point relief, and you will get support in the memory foam. This will lower the pain in the back and hips, and this material became a favorite to those suffering from arthritis.

Another core benefit from walking into a Calgary NW mattress store and buying a memory foam mattress comes from the fact that you have excellent durability. The average memory foam mattress will last for up to seven years, and it’s the best mattress won’t sag.

You want a mattress store that is dedicated to finding you the right mattress and helping you get a good night sleep. Dreamology is dedicated to helping you wake up feeling refreshed for years to come. Dreamology Sleep Shop is NW Calgary’s premier mattress shop. We carry a large selection of premium mattresses, bedding, and pillows so you can get a better night’s sleep.
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