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Starting 2020 By Making A Zen Bedroom

Want to start 2020 in the right direction? Redoing parts of your home is the perfect way to set the right mood. And what better room to remodel than the bedroom? A great concept you can go with for your bedroom is zen. It’s a great fit since the bedroom is where most people go to retire for the day. So what can you do to transform your bedroom into a zen paradise? Here are some tips.

Start with Soft Colors that Complement Each Other

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Everything starts with colors that’s easy on the eyes. You want a clean and refreshing look for your bedroom. Soft neutral colors like beige, whites, greys, light blue, and subtle greens are perfect for a zen feel. You can mix and match colors, but it’s best to keep things simple by using two colors max as you don’t want to create too much contrast.

Focus on Comfort Over the Look

Yes, the look is critical when you’re designing a zen bedroom. But the main point is to create a comfortable space. The zen atmosphere won’t matter if your bed isn’t comfortable. If you’ve been dealing with an uncomfortable mattress, it may be time to visit a mattress store in Calgary. You’re going to be spending eight or more hours a day in your bedroom, so you want a mattress that’s going to refresh you for the next day.

Create Space with Sleeper Sofas

If you have a small bedroom but want a more functional bedroom, why not go with a sleeper sofa? They offer a space-saving design that provides two functions. It would help if you visited a mattress store in Calgary to try out different sleeper sofas. Make sure that the product you choose is comfortable as both a sofa and a mattress. Getting one or the other defeats the whole purpose of getting a sleeper sofa.

Aim for Balance and Optimization

Less is more when it comes to creating a zen bedroom. At the same time, you can go too overboard and create a minimalist situation where you get rid of many things you need. What you want to do is to aim for a balance. Declutter as much as possible, get furniture/items that serve essential functions and organize things in a manner that’s optimized to the way you interact with your bedroom.

As a final tip, small accents can go a long way into creating a zen bedroom. Adding some light greenery, making way for natural light, limiting electronic devices, adding sweet scents, and choosing organic/eco-friendly products will add some great finishing touches.

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