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The Cost of Bed Frames

In some ways, the shared love of a good sleep unites us all in a common goal. There is no sweeter or more succinct feeling than enjoying a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. This is just one reason that our Calgary mattress store is so well-loved by all our patrons.

However, it is not the only reason. We also provide fantastic deals and prices for all of our sleep-related products, like pillows, mattresses, sheets and bed frames. Our wide selection of products helps people feel comfortable with our experience and knowledge regarding the very best ways to achieve fantastic and repeatedly good sleep cycles.

Plus, we provide helpful guides, tips and tricks to make the most out of your Calgary mattress store experience. In fact, that is what we are going to do today when we speak about the cost of bed frames. Now, before we get into the prices, it is important to note that the cost of bed frames will depend on several different factors. We discuss these below/

Factors Affecting Bed Frame Costs

The Company

The company you choose to purchase from will affect the cost of your bed frames. Designer brands and inexpensive options will end up at the extremes of your price range, but they will both have acceptable intermediate options. For the best results, make sure you shop around sufficiently before deciding on a specific item.

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The Size

The size of the bed frame will play a role in the cost also. In a similar fashion to mattresses, the bigger the frame, the more you will pay. Therefore, king-size frames will cost more than queen-size, which will cost more than twin-size, and so on and so forth. Choosing the right mattress size for you can be a matter of comfort or utility, depending on your unique preferences and wants.

The Materials

The materials for your bed frame will also influence the cost. Some companies prefer to use pressure-treated wood material, which is inexpensive and brittle. Conversely, you can choose a frame that is merely a collection of iron angle bars, and it will be convenient for movement and pricing. 

But, there are also hardwood options that look regal and beautiful, which will last for a very long time. Ultimately, the material you choose will play perhaps the greatest role in the cost, so it is important to balance longevity with the price. 

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