Top 5 Benefits of Adjustable Foundations

Upon entering any mattress store in Calgary, you’re bound to have an employee suggest you try an adjustable foundation. An adjustable foundation is not like any other base to support your mattress. Unlike regular box springs, most adjustable foundations generally allow you to lift the head and foot portion of your bed. Depending on your choice, there are other features you can have beyond that. With such freedom to move your foundation, there are plenty of benefits that it has to offer. See what they are here.

Why Try An Adjustable Foundation At A Mattress Store in Calgary

Adjustable Foundation Calgary
Bed with tilt adjustment mattress bed in the bedroom of the house.

#1: Perfect For Pain Management

Back pain is a common concern people bring up when shopping for a mattress. With an adjustable foundation, you can help ease back pain by matching the curve of your body. In turn, you can feel more comfortable falling asleep. Furthermore, it can also alleviate arthritis and chronic pain. Having the power to raise or lower your mattress will help stimulate blood flow to combat the pain associated with those conditions. 

#2: Helps Alleviate Sleep Issues

Did you know an adjustable foundation can help with sleep issues like sleep apnea, snoring and insomnia? Elevating the head portion of your mattress takes the weight off your windpipe and allows for better airflow – great for coping with sleep apnea and snoring. If your insomnia is induced by pain or anxiety, an adjustable foundation can help make sleeping easier by providing the most comfortable position. 

#3: Encourages Better Mobility

Getting in and out of bed is tough if you live with a mobile disability. In some cases, some may need assistance from someone to get out of bed. An adjustable foundation encourages independence. Raising one end of the mattress creates ready support for standing up or lying down in bed without help.

#4: Improves Your Health

There are various health benefits of having an adjustable foundation. For instance, certain positions you can choose on one can promote better circulation by enhancing blood and oxygen flow. Perfect for combating circulatory issues and reducing leg swelling from a leg injury, pregnancy, illness, or working on your feet all day. In addition, it also helps lessen acid reflux and heartburn. Raising the head while sleeping can help keep stomach acid down, improve digestion, and give you a good night’s sleep.

#5: Great Addition to Your Lifestyle

You don’t realize how much an adjustable foundation can enhance your lifestyle. They may seem like little reasons, but they amount to a lot. When you’re sick, it makes resting easier by providing the comfort you need to recover properly. Also, if your night routine includes reading before bed, you don’t have to worry about struggling to get comfortable. You can find the perfect reading position by adjusting to a position of your liking. Not only does it make sleeping easier, but it will make for a better reading experience. You can’t go wrong with an adjustable foundation since it has many benefits it can offer you to improve your life. 

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