What Are the Best Mattress Sheets for Summer?

Summers can get hot. The worst is when you’re unable to sleep because of it. Yet, despite how hot your body feels, you still feel the need to cover up with something.

Typically, most people opt to cover themselves with sheets during the summer. In which case, it begs the question about what type of sheets can you find in a mattress store in Calgary that would be best during hot summer nights? 

If you want to be well-rested this summer, check out what mattress sheets are the best to use to keep you cool! 

Keep Cool with These Materials

When switching to summer sheets, you want to consider how breathable the material is. If it’s not, you can expect to be tossing and turning from the unbearable heat. Thankfully, some materials can help you keep cool. 

You want to check out these materials while shopping around for new summer sheets:

  • Bamboo
  • Cotton
  • Linen 
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Cool Off Based on Thread Count 

Choosing the right material is just one factor when finding summer sheets. It would help if you also accounted for the thread count. Because, depending on its number, it can dictate whether your sheets are breathable or not. 

Many assume a high thread count is best. In actuality, a higher thread count will not help you cool off. If anything, the way it’s weaved tighter lessens breathability. 

It’s best to consider a lower thread count if you wish to stay cool during the night. However, keep the sheet’s material in mind when thinking of thread count—for example, comparing linen to cotton. Linen is a naturally lighter material, so you’re not compromising softness from a low thread count.

Though a good rule of thumb if you just want to stay cool – consider thread counts ranging from 180 to 280. You get the best of both worlds by allowing breathability and softness. 

Don’t Sweat with Moisture-Wicking 

Another nasty part of hot summer nights is sweating. So much sweating that you end up soaking and staining your sheets. It’s not a great feeling. If you want to avoid this, it’s best to consider materials that would be great for moisture-wicking. Mostly, the materials listed above (bamboo, cotton, linen) are naturally absorbent and can do just that. 

There is debate on which of the three is better, but it all comes down to considering the factors above. From then on, it all comes down to preference in the end. Some find linen too rough. So, they might opt for cotton instead. Even if they both are breathable, have a lower thread count, and are moisture-wicking, it can all come down to how it feels to sleep on. 

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