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What Bed Frame Will Work Best With Your Calgary Mattress?

You’ve found the ideal mattress, but now you’re wondering if your new mattress will work with your bed frame. A number of factors influence how a mattress and bed frame work together; here are some tips for deciding which bed frame will work best with your Calgary mattress.

Choose a Bed Frame Type at a Crowfoot Mattress Store

The first thing to consider is what type of bed frame you want. Simple metal frames are inexpensive and can keep your mattress off the floor, but require additional support. Platform beds have wooden frames to support the mattress, allowing you to use them with or without additional support. Adjustable bed frames allow you to change your bed to suit your needs, but must be matched with a mattress from a Calgary mattress store that can conform to the changing positions.

Consider Box Springs Versus Foundations for Your Calgary Mattress

Box springs are rectangular boxes with metal springs inside. They move with your mattress, making a firmer mattress feel softer. Foundations are boxes which provide a solid, flat surface; they are designed to support the Calgary mattress rather than absorb shock. If you have a simple metal bed frame or something similar, you’ll need one of these two options from a Crowfoot mattress store. Platform beds and bed frames designed to support the mattress don’t need a box spring or foundation, but can be used with one.

Get Advice at a Calgary Mattress Store

The different combinations have different advantages and what works best for you is a matter of preference. Explore your options further by talking with the knowledgeable employees at a Crowfoot mattress store.

Whether you need a mattress, box spring, foundation, or bed frame, visit a Calgary mattress store to find the supplies you need to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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