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What is a Good Thread Count for Bed Sheets?

You’ve just chosen your dream mattress from your mattress store in Calgary, but naturally, you want your bed sheets to make an impact on your sleep as well. After all, who wants to be kept awake by scratchy sheets?


There are several aspects to consider when choosing your bed sheets, including heat retention, material, durability, and comfort. However, thread count is a factor that tends to be at the top of many people’s criteria list.


But what exactly is thread count, and how can you determine which numbers are good?


We explore those answers below.


Understanding What Makes a Good Thread Count


What is Thread Count?


Thread count is when you add the number of threads per inch both horizontally and vertically. For example, if there are 150 threads per inch horizontally and 150 threads per inch vertically, then the thread count would be 300.


What is a Good Thread Count?


According to the National Sleep Foundation, good quality sheets have a thread count between 200 and 400.


This may sound lower than you have been taught to believe quality sheets should have. 

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However, thread count is often used as a marketing ploy. Manufacturers want you to believe that anything below a 1,000 thread count will irritate your skin, when in actuality, 1,000 thread count bed sheets are far less common than advertised. Instead, the numbers are often padded to sound more impressive to the customer, while the bed sheets you’re purchasing actually have a much lower thread count.


So Does Thread Count Even Matter?


Thread count does play a factor in the comfort of your bed sheets, but it’s not the only one. The fabric can make a large impact as well. 


Sheets made from long fibres, such as long-fibre cotton, are often softer than shorter fibres. 


Adding certain materials into the mix, such as polyester, will help with wrinkling and the overall look of your bedding.


Ultimately, there is no one factor that will solely determine the comfort of your bed sheets. Combining elements like material and durability with the thread count will add to your comfort and overall sleep experience. 


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