What Makes Mattresses Squeak?

Pushing yourself off from the bed and hearing an audible squeak from below can make you cringe. It’s even worse if you share a bed with a significant other. You pose the risk of disturbing their sleep, which makes quiet mornings practically impossible.

However, what exactly causes mattresses to squeak? Find out below!

Why Your Mattress Squeaks

There are three potential reasons that could cause your mattress to squeak. Before you can fix the squeaking, you need to understand the root of where it’s coming from. 

The Mattress

First, it could be the mattress itself. Most mattresses nowadays don’t squeak often. If they do, it’s from more traditional types of mattresses with bonnell, continuous coil, or even more contemporary hybrid mattresses. Those types of mattresses are susceptible to rubbing against one another from wear and tear that creates squeaking. In these cases, this would be a sign to drop by your local mattress store to replace it. 

Based on the structure and material, it’s not possible for mattresses with pocket coils or all-foam to cause squeaking. In which case, the root cause of the squeaking might be just below your mattress – your box spring.

Mattress Store Calgary Squeaking

The Box Spring

Box springs are usually the common culprit for mattresses to squeak. Something as simple as moving around in your bed can cause your box spring to squeak. It causes your mattress to press directly on the top of the wood casing of the box springs. As a result, the wood casing rubbing against either your wooden or metal bed frame can make noise.

When movement isn’t the problem, then it’s the boxspring itself. Similar to mattress springs, box spring coils begin to decline with time and rub against each other that causes squeaking. However, squeaking can occur from broken wood slats – which would be a good time to get a new one instead. 

The Frame

Many opt for a frame with their mattress because of its strong foundation and aesthetic appeal. Yet, frames are not immune to causing squeaking. How does a frame create it?

There are different factors at play that can cause issues with your frame. Like a box spring, a frame can start squeaking from constant movement. Instead of coils rubbing against one another, the frame’s bolts end up loosening and squeaking occurs. 

Also, temperature plays a factor. When temperature shifts, the wood from your frame can swell and shrink with heat. The back in forth temperature change can cause them to rub against each other to create a squeaking noise. 

Additionally, your squeaking problem can come from the literal foot of your bed – like the legs of the bed rubbing against the wall. If you have a wheeled frame, it can grind along your floor to give a shrill squeaking sound.

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