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What Sheets Will Go Best With Your Calgary Mattress

When you spend almost one-third of your life in bed, why not make it as comfortable as possible? We’ve come up with some ideas on how to make it much better. Some people have a few misconceptions that might actually take them further away from finding good bed sheets. Look at everything and spend time thinking about it.

Consider the Type of Fabric

The fabric you choose will make a big difference. In some cases, it’s worth spending extra on sheets that have been made from some of the best cotton. Some of the cotton types include Egyptian, Pima and Supima. A long-fiber cotton will usually have the softest and more comfortable sheet.

Why Thread Count Doesn’t Matter as Much as You Might Think

People have sometimes made the mistake of thinking thread count matters the most, but based on Consumer Reports, other things like the material and weave of the sheets might matter more.

Learning About the Weave

Another thing most customers forget when at the mattress store is the weave. This is important if you want to choose sheets you like. You can either choose sateen or percale. Percale sheets will have the same number of combed and tightly woven threads. You might also look for sheets that have a cool feel and a slightly crisp texture. Percale sheets can stand up to washing in hot water. You usually want a thread count of between 200 to 400 when it comes to percale sheets. Sateen sheets, on the other hand, will have more threads vertically over horizontally, and the weave creates a soft and silky feel.

When at the Crowfoot Mattress Store, you can find bed sheets in a variety of colors. They will be wrinkle resistant and have a long life. Also, look for sheets made from 100 percent cotton for your Calgary mattress because this will make them much softer. It will resemble silk and the bedding will have a more expensive look to it.

You want a mattress store that is dedicated to finding you the right mattress and helping you get a good night sleep. Dreamology is dedicated to helping you wake up feeling refreshed for years to come. Dreamology Sleep Shop is NW Calgary’s premiere mattress shop. We carry a large selection of premium mattresses, bedding, and pillows so you can get a better night’s sleep.

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