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When Are Mattresses the Cheapest?

You can bet that any good mattress you buy will be a big purchase. There is no avoiding that fact. However, is there a time when mattress companies in Calgary sell their mattresses at lower costs?

If so, you can potentially save on money and find the right mattress for you!

Best Days to Purchase a Mattress

Most mattress companies will have specific sales days throughout the year. Depending on the mattress store, you can even expect these types of sales to last either a weekend or a full week. 

If you’re hoping to purchase a mattress at a lower cost, here is a list of the common days that mattresses are on sale:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day 
  • Labour Day
  • Black Friday
  • Boxing Day

Again, discounts and sales will vary depending on where you decide to buy your mattress. Some places can reduce sticker prices by either taking off $100 to $200 or by 30% off the cost. 

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Best Time of Year to Purchase

Sometimes special sales days can get rather busy within any mattress store in Calgary. A mattress store filled with many people looking for a good deal on a mattress will make it harder to find the one you need. With salespeople’s attention on various customers, you might not get the attention you need to address your sleep concerns. 

The best time to purchase when you want to find the right mattress at a lower price is during early spring – specifically, in May. The reason being is that most mattress companies expect new inventory by June. In which case, they plan to clear out their inventory through promotional sales and will begin to mark down their mattresses. So, you can expect these sales to start as early as March or April to make it easier for a mattress store to clear out early and fill them with new inventory. 

Plus, with tax season being in spring, you can expect some folks keen to use high tax returns to treat themselves to a new mattress!

Worst Time of Year to Purchase

Just as there is a good time to buy a mattress, there are also times of the year when it’s most expensive. You can expect to pay more for a mattress during the summer and early fall. They will typically have limited promotions as new stock is at full price. If you can avoid it, try not to purchase a mattress during those times. 

The Best Time is When Needed 

Sometimes it’s just not possible to wait around for months to get a cheaper mattress. Everyone has busy lives and won’t remember something like specific sale days for mattresses. If anything, the best time to buy a mattress is when you need it – especially if you’re suffering from certain health conditions like a bad back. Don’t needlessly suffer for months with back pain to just save a few bucks when the result of waiting can have potentially long-term damage. Any time and price are the best when it comes to your sleep health!

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