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Which Mattresses Last The Longest?

Buying a new mattress is an investment towards better sleep quality. Sleep is a basic need – everyone knows that. Yet, we rarely treat ourselves to a good night’s sleep. Sometimes a factor towards sleepless nights is rooted in the type of mattress that you’re sleeping on.

If you’ve deduced your sleep problem stems from an old or unsuitable mattress, then the need for a new mattress is warranted to avoid sleepless nights and terrible back pain. We understand mattresses are one of the few big purchases that you need to make at some point in life, and wanting one that lasts for years makes sense from a cost-effective standpoint. 

The ideal mattress that comes to mind is comfortable and durable, with a long quality lifespan. Below we will outline a few mattresses known not only for their comfortability but, most importantly – their longevity. 

Latex Mattresses

Most mattress businesses’ common and most popular consensus has been that latex mattresses are the best for longevity. According to the Sleep Foundation, the average lifespan of a latex bed is 7.5 to 8.5 years. That’s impressive! On average, most mattresses should last between 7 to 10 years.

With proper care of a latex mattress, you can easily squeeze out a few more extra good years of quality sleep as well! Due to latex’s durability and multiple benefits, it can actually be quite costly. 

However, when you crunch the numbers on daily use, the price pays itself when you’re able to get quality sleep for years to come. 

Hybrid Mattresses 

A second contender for longevity is a hybrid mattress. The Sleep Foundation has found that the average lifespan of most hybrid mattresses is between 6.5 to 7.5. In which case, what exactly is inside a hybrid mattress that helps keep it durable and long-lasting? 

In the name itself, it implies a combination of materials. Namely, it generally consists of an innerspring core pocket coil to help with back support. Yet, hybrid mattresses can vary depending on the materials used for comfort. They can range from high-density memory foam to latex as well.

Depending on your sleep needs, you might want to choose a certain type of hybrid. If you’re looking for pressure relief, your best bet would be to get a high-density memory foam mattress. Also, for couples, a high-density memory foam hybrid mattress has great motion isolation. Perfect for when you don’t want to wake your partner when you get up before them. 

Meanwhile, a latex hybrid mattress would be ideal if you’re struggling with heat at night. In addition, if you suffer from allergens, latex is naturally hypoallergenic and ensures you won’t need to deal with your allergies acting up. 

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