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Why Are There so Many Mattress Stores in Calgary?

Many people who visit Calgary get genuinely puzzled at the number of mattress stores. In fact, some people have even commented on how there seem to be more mattress stores than Starbucks coffee shops. What could be the cause of this?

Favorable Economics

If you were to visit a classic retail store, you have crazy thin profit margins. In fact, some have even said that grocery stores turn a profit of less than five percent. On the other hand, you can visit a mattress for less Calgary store options, and the profit margins can be high because of how it costs so little to make them. You could profit between 40 to 50 percent off each mattress, which is the reason that there are many mattresses Calgary stores.

Locals Prefer to Shop in Person

When you visit the mattress store, you know what you’re getting. Contrast that with buying online, you don’t know where the mattress came from, and you can’t even tell if you have bought a good king size mattress Calgary product. In addition, when you try it out in the store, you have some idea of what you might be buying in terms of the comfort.

Don’t Need Many Employees

Because this is a specialized product, you most likely don’t need to have too many employees running the store, which means that the overhead cost drops significantly. That makes it more profitable for these stores to exist, which is why they continue to pop up.

When looking at mattresses Calgary stores and wondering why so many exist, it comes down to the level of profit for a lower cost. With some of the other stores, you don’t make as much off them. A mattress store, on the other hand, makes it more profitable to own a business, which is why entrepreneurs like to open a mattress store Calgary.

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