Why Mattresses Sag Over Time

A mattress acts as the foundation for a good night’s sleep, and it should be comfortable, durable, and long-lasting. 

However, sometimes mattresses sag over time which can cause discomfort when you lay on your bed at night. Why do they sag? 

6 Reasons Mattresses Sag 

1) Poorly Made Frames 

Manufacturers often cut corners and produce poor-quality items. As such, their frames aren’t strong enough to hold up against heavyweights. The frames of the mattress will eventually start to break down as they become weaker and weaker. This means that the springs inside the frame begin to move more freely than before. The result is that the mattress starts to sag.

2) Softness 

Manufacturers designate firmness levels on mattresses based on how much weight they will support. However, if these numbers don’t match what consumers want, companies end up producing either too hard or too soft mattresses. A soft bed feels comfortable but sinks faster than a firm mattress. A stiffer one provides more support but isn’t as comfy. When you lie down on a softer mattress, the weight of your body causes the mattress to sink into the ground. In turn, this makes the bed lose its shape and becomes flat.


3) Poor Quality Materials Used

Some materials used in making mattresses are not durable at all. For example, the foam tends to break down over time. In addition, springs also tend to lose elasticity over time. These issues lead to mattresses losing shape and becoming uncomfortable. They don’t last long at all. This causes them to sag even more than normal mattresses.

4) Ageing 

When you have used a mattress for many years, usually eight years, it begins to age. This happens because the chemicals within the material leach out and cause the bed to dry out. Once this occurs, the mattress loses its ability to provide comfort and support. As a result, the mattress starts to sag and flatten with age. And, unfortunately, mattresses in Calgary deteriorate just like everything else. 

5) Wear and Tear of the Bed’s Surface

The bed surface plays a big role when it comes to keeping a mattress firm. You need to make sure that you clean off any dirt before putting your body on top of it. Also, avoid placing anything directly on the mattress. Doing so will only add extra weight to the mattress and lead to its eventual breakdown.

6) Temperature Changes

When temperatures change, mattresses expand and contract. When temperatures are high, the mattress absorbs more heat from the air around it. As a result, the mattress expands, which leads to sagging. On the other hand, when temperatures drop, the mattress contracts and lose some of its volume. It does this by pulling away from the floor. This means that it no longer supports the same level of pressure as it did previously.

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