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Will Hybrid Mattresses Sag?

Mattresses can be a big investment, so when choosing yours, it only makes sense that you would want one that will last. But with so many types of mattresses, varying in style and composition, it can be difficult to decide which will best suit your needs.


Hybrid mattresses in Calgary have increasingly become more popular, thanks partly to the fact that they seem to offer a taste of many mattress types, but all wrapped in one. But do they stand the test of time? Sagging is one of the most common signs of your mattress ageing, so how do hybrid mattresses hold up? Let’s take a look.


Will Your Hybrid Mattress Sag?


Ultimately, the answer to this question is yes; hybrid mattresses can sag. However, it’s important to point out why and how they compare to other mattresses.


The foam materials in your mattress will soften over time, as they are exposed to a significant amount of pressure every night from your body while you sleep. Over time, this gradual softening of foam leads to a feeling of sinking or sagging, and less support than you originally had.


Hybrid mattresses, however, are composed of both foam and coils. These coils almost create a second line of defence to sagging, as the coils don’t begin to lose tension until the foam is significantly softened.


Therefore, while hybrid mattresses can sag, they tend to last longer than regular foam mattresses.


Is there a way to prevent sagging?


Sagging is the result of regular wear and tear to your mattress. However, there are a few ways to slow down the process.


The first way is by rotating your mattress. Odds are, you likely have a specific side or area of the mattress that you sleep on every night. This constant pressure will impact that particular part of the mattress first, as it’s the area under the most stress. It’s recommended that you rotate your mattress every three to six months, thus repositioning the part of the mattress that you are impacting.

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As a note, however, most mattresses are not designed to be flipped, as most mattresses are meant to be one-sided. Therefore, ensure you are simply turning your mattress, rather than flipping it.


The second way is to check your bed frame and foundation. Slats that are too far apart can cause your mattress to sink in between them, leading to sagging. Additionally, try to add support under the centre of your frame. This is generally where there is the least amount of support, so, if possible, try to have a foundation that has at least six legs. 


When it comes time to buy a hybrid mattress, turn to your local mattress store in Calgary. Speaking with experts can help you decide which mattress will work best for you.


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