Your Guide to Finding the Right Mattress for You

You need a new mattress – that much is clear. What’s stumping you is walking into a mattress store in Calgary and not knowing what mattress is best for you. With so many mattresses in one room, it can be overwhelming to attempt to try them all before they all start feeling the same. You can help make your mattress search easier by considering your sleep needs to deduce which mattress is the right fit. Learn what you need to bring into account here!

Addressing Your Sleep Needs at a Calgary Mattress Store

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Proper Spinal Support

Are you constantly waking up with an aching back? If so, it means your current mattress isn’t giving your proper spinal support. When your spine isn’t aligned as you sleep, it can lead to poor sleep health by promoting poor sleep posture and muscle strain. In turn, an unsupportive mattress causes back pain. During your search, you don’t want a mattress that will have you sinking too low or pushing you too high. Those will only worsen your back problem by creating an uneven surface, which will cause spinal misalignment. You want to check if your spine is straight as you lay on a bed to ensure it’s well supported. Having that support will do wonders in alleviating past back pain and provide a better night’s sleep. 

Temperature Regulation

Temperature plays a big role in how you sleep. Your body temperature goes down because of your body’s circadian rhythm, which helps prepare you for sleep. That’s why sleeping in a colder room is ideal since it helps get your body temperature to that level. Sleep quality is impacted if you’re hot at night since you’re constantly tossing and turning. If you have found you’ve been a hot sleeper all year round, consider finding a mattress that will help regulate your body temperature. There are plenty of beds with cooling gels to help bring down your high body temperature. Avoid materials like memory foam that will only cause your body temperature to skyrocket. With mattresses that help regulate your body temperature, you will no longer have to sweat over hot nights and find it easier to fall asleep naturally. 

Overall Ultimate Comfort

As much as it’s important to think about spinal support and body temperature, you need to think about comfort ultimately at the end of the day. After all, you’re the one that’s sleeping in it every day. So, naturally, you want a mattress that’s comfortable for you. How does the mattress’s material feel against your skin? Does it irritate? Or does it feel heavenly? These are questions you need to ask yourself since you don’t want to not only feel uncomfortable as you sleep – much less get an allergic reaction. If you have allergy sensitivities, it’s important to factor them in for your comfort when you’re scouting out for a new mattress. Thankfully, you can find various beds with hypoallergenic properties that will make you rest easily when you need to go to bed. 

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